Today Is Tomorrow. It Happened.

She held me for ransom 
I dont know why
Im not the leaving sort of guy
And no one said I was worth a dime

She held me so close 
I could hardly breathe
And now it’s too hard to believe
She made me waste all of her time

And on and on we sang the same
Dreadful song the fact remains
That we never knew the tune

‘Cause now it seems that it was
Just the scene the time and place
Underneath the summer moon

She had a pretty face but an ugly heart
I guess that’s why we grew apart
At least I tell myself that now

Or maybe it was me 

Though it’s hard to tell
I guess I don't know me that well
And really I just don't know how

Ghost of the November Bell

Even though it hurts to know
The end result’s the same
You have to own it
Swallow the bomb

The taste is slow and burning still
On my drying lips
For the moment
Though not so long

Empty seats for sad percussion
Dying on the road, it’s midnight now
Yellow shirts and bad mixtapes
Tumble through my head like drying sneakers

Silhouette of her soft neck
Burned into my brain this residue
Remnants of you 

A firework that came and went
Fizzled as it died 
For the moment
One fleeting moment

Waking up before the alarm
Or did I even sleep? It’s morning now

Emotional oblivion
Hold the pillow down,

leave through the window

Stuck inside the starting blocks
Tie these dirty shoes 
Although Ive blown it
Give me a moment

It’s Shakespeare sad the times we had
Circumstance be damned 
I had to know it
For a moment

Gone for good this never was
Takes the curtain call stays in the bow

Emotional oblivion
Hold the pillow down,

leave through the window

Castles in the Air  

As I drift away
For another day
I curl up in reverie
Painfully wishing in my head

But it seems to me
It'll never be
More than just a fantasy
Musing and woolgathering 

And when i sit down on the sofa
Drown the white noise out with apathy
Longing for the tranquil moments
I can shut down all this certainty

When I feel alright
Hypersonic night
Like a fistful of sand to me
Penitential agony again

With my eyes fixed on the ceiling
And this prison hissing around me
Ravenous for some distraction
Something to belay this tragedy

Babou Is Kind of a Loner

Black cat hold me close
You're the one that I need the most
At the kitchen table with my head in my hands
 black cat hold me close

Black cat you're the most
There isn't anybody even close 
To be the one there at the foot of the stair,
Oh black cat you're the most

And when the day was simply horrendous
You're by my side
Sittin in our chairs with our feet in the air
 living til I’m a ghost

Black cat stick around
Dont go looking through the lost and found
Til I wind up on the wrong side of the ground
Oh, black cat stick around

Black cat you're the apple of my eye
I never wanna ever see you cry


All this time a way 
should have made it so easy
relocated separated 
doesn't matter it's still 
hard, hard, hard, hard
And it never lets up

All this fresh air 
so thin and dry
I should feel alive
but it makes me wanna die
cause Im so far from my home 

All the little smells
that make strangers feel queasy
attitude, latitude
how the hell’d I get so 
Far, far, far, far
Im a fish out of water

Trapped in a box
a mile in the sky
I should feel elated
but I wanna cry
cause Im so far from my home

and Im feeling more and more alone

And they tell me this is God’s country here
But it feels remarkably like hell more each year
And Ill never ever know what it is
But its not for me, I miss liberty oh yeah

Volo Inanis

Im so aware of my back pressing on this chair
Look for a reason to turn as I scratch my hair

Under The radar and out of sight
Out for a run on an autumn night
Partially visible 
Right before your eyes

Id rather be a mile away
Than be without you  one more  day
When i just want to stare into your eyes
Cause id promise you the earth until I die
Id promise you the earth until I die

Obvious tension still never mention a word
Caught in a pause and I'm 

living a dream deferred

Up in the attic with a guitar
Gets you so close but no cigar
Up in the clouds
And I'm looking down on you

And Id rather be a world away
Than be without you one more day
When I just want to stare into your eyes
Cause Id promise you the earth until I die

Grey Shapes

Sister said send some pictures
Sister said how is life
I started to respond but
I couldn't ever find the time
But I tried

Great equalizer bind my hands,

you raze and you ruin all of my plans

They say don't live for tomorrow
They say theres here and now
I wish I lived in the future
If I could just replace the time
That I cry

The Perfect French Garden

Deftly moving my fingers
The angle is always important
Making sure my face is telling
The lies behind the surface

It’s all position and timing
The lighting and the movement
Constant vigilance
Never leave   myself open

A little bit of one, not much of the other

Smoke always before fire
Calculation never haste
Never forget theres someone
On the other side of the board

Leaving it all open
All the low hanging fruit
never see it coming 
Til it blows up on you

Darren Dalton and the Fifth Dimension

Im sorry that you're sad
But not so sure of why Im sorry
My little girl

I hate to see you cry
But hate cant stop the tears 
From rolling down your face
My little girl

I know it doesn't help
But i just want to say I'm sorry
My little girl

But if you ever really loved me
You'd see that it was just

a momentary lapse in reason
But could you ever really trust me again

Im surrounded by reminders of

mistakes I’ve made
Dont add your picture to the pile
‘Cause I dont beg,

but I am pleading with you now
Dont add your goodbye  to the pile