Here is the music video for the first single from the album "Castles in the Air", or click below for the audio only.


Booking info

Since the "band" is really just me, I don't have plans of touring, or booking shows. Depending on the reception of the album, and subsequent demand, however, I would be willing to do shows with friends filling out the lineup anywhere, any time... Call 719-930-0079 or 609-217-2124 to book.

News & Events

In addition to the release of Underwhelmed Is An Overstatement, please follow Great Red Sharks on FB and enter your email address on this site to stay up to date on any supplemental releases, like demos, covers, videos, and upcoming music.

Since 2000, I have been playing in bands ranging from punk to progressive, and I have felt the need to write a certain way, and play a certain way. Great Red Sharks is about breaking out of genres and songwriting "rules" and writing music that is uniquely my own, without a scene or style dictating what the finished product sounds like. Every word, note, and drum hit is a direct result of the sonic chaos that comes with being a multi instrumentalist and having a wildly eclectic taste in music.

About the Band